“Trip to Khuvsgul lake where my feet may fail”

“Trip to Khuvsgul lake where my feet may fail”

“You call me out upon the waters

The great unknown where feet may fail

And there I find You in the mystery

In oceans deep my faith will stand”- Hillsong UNITED- Oceans

Summer comes with passion to wander around different places. Even songs we listen can happen to be about adventures, nature, travel, love and so on. And they all say go somewhere, seek something and refresh. Thus we definitely listen to them and genuinely accept the challenges to seek things fresh and mesmerizing aren’t we? In a nutshell, we all love travelling, most interestingly, always ready to pack our bags and disappear. Agree.

During every summer, people in Mongolia get chances to travel to beautiful nature all around the country near and far. So I do. Nature is always an “A plan” for Mongolians.

This time, we get to not secretive but fabulous Khuvsgul Lake in Khatgal, Khuvsgul province. As one of the deepest and clearest/cleanest lakes in the world with a beautiful sight of view, in a word, Khuvsgul lake is a genuine paradise to escape from daily life.

On the way to unusually, incredibly blue

Khuvsgul lake is around 800 kilometres away from the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. People take rides to Khuvsgul Lake mostly wheels including private cars and the buses as spending nearly 10 hours pretty patiently on wheels to get to that “paradise”. Once you reach there, you’d probably forget about things left behind

Like most people, I and the crew consisted of 45 people on one one bus headed to Khuvsgul in mid June.

A bit more about the crew, we were bunch of people aged from 4-65 who were aiming to reach the same destination that I’ve already mentioned above. At first, there were not many familiar faces in the crew and we barely talked for 3 hours on the bus whilst its heading to the destination, because Mongolians are considered to be humble and shy and at the same time we did not get a chance to break the ice. After a while, as we felt bored and curious about each other, we started talking to unfamiliar people sitting in front and back and kindly asked to play cards. The “Mafia” as suggested. I’ll say the “Mafia” was a good ice breaker as well as the beginning for the perfect vibe for the whole crew.

Four stars

Who knew we’d be staying at a Four Star hotel and camp. We arrived in Khuvsgul after 12 hours. It was incredibly exciting to reach the destination after half a day.

We’re supposed to stay at “Art88 Resort” right at the Khuvsgul lake. Perfect see sight and a nice place was a good combination for its visitors. We’re glad, honestly.

We had broad range of choices for accommodations to stay for 2 nights and 3 days such as yurts, urts (traditional yurt for Tsaatan the ethnic minorities settled in Khuvsgul area) types of wooden houses including luxury and normal.

Except comfortable accommodations at Art88 Resort, the food was absolutely good. It’s needless to say but yummy foods also made our travel more “delicious”. Time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at that place was like time for laughter and joy. We’re FULL of happiness!

Dance till your feet ache

We travelers were lucky have had a great agenda and plans for our trip.

We stepped on a small ship “board” and reached Khusliin Khad (it means Wish Rock) where people visit to wish their wishes and reach there by small ships. It took us 10-15 mins to get there. On the way to Khusliin Khad, we were particularly impressed with the deep blue lake. The color of the lake was deep blue and it made me feel like I was diving into deep blue sky as I stared at the lake without any glance.

During our stay, one of Mongolian famous and talented bands named “Kharanga” arrived to Khuvsgul lake, especially to the Art88 Resort where we stayed to have its live concert. We were like happy guests ever because everything was so natural like we imagined. That night we danced hard, sang songs, witnessed a marriage proposal, had bottles of beers and a huge bonfire that lighted up the whole area. All these things including happy faces of a hundred people gathered there, and ache of my feet make me feel like I’m back to the dance floor which is the shore full of green grass and surrounded by deep blue ocean curtain.

We kept us relaxed as well as busy doing lots of interesting activities such as horse riding, hiking, a ship trip, swimming (in the pool. At the time we visited, the lake was not warm enough to swim but luckily, there was a pool), biking and dancing. Definitely had a great break during these days.

Everything has goodbyes

Anyone who went to this trip has well deserved this. Except the amazing place, delicious food, live music/band and all the other activities I had, such enthusiastic people with positive energy I spent time together for these 4 days made me feel it was a fortune to meet those people. As I went talk to all of them, I learned lots of things about people as well as myself.

This might sound typical that we learn about lots of things every day. But sometimes, somehow lots of factors separate us from real conversations and communications. Conversations and chats without any tools such as phones, laptops and stuff was a real thing that mattered.

I hope everyone who were in the crew earned enormous experiences and got beautiful memories as I did.

We had that hardest time to say goodbye to each other after those days. I am sure that every time we remember that time in Khuvsgul, it’s always a Hello to everyone who were there with us.

This is just an event until you worth it- Travel

By: Uchral Ganbaatar